Leo and Lilia Morales

Leo and Lilia Morales met in Bogota, Colombia mostly using hand gestures and grunts, as neither of them really spoke the other’s language.  A year-and-a-half later, they were married, having become at least a little more bi-lingual.  🙂    They have dedicated their lives together to training youth wherever they may be to love the “least of these”.

After spending 5 years in Colombia, they have followed the migration pattern of the warblers to Lilia’s US home of Columbus, OH.

Their calling hasn’t changed… and they are both on staff at Vineyard Columbus as worship leaders in different areas: Lilia is in charge of the kids’ worship, and Leo oversees the worship of the Spanish church, La Viña.

They continue to pour themselves out to the nations that are at their doorstep in Columbus! With a full recording studio in their home, there are often various languages heard throughout the week. Over the past 2 years, Leo has had the privilege of producing the albums of various artists from the US, the Bahamas, Peru, the Congo, Ghana, South Africa and Colombia.


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